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#776 TIPS: Sorting bricks - by type, colour or both?

If you’re a MOC builder, chances are you sort your part collection so that when it comes to building you know where everything is. But do you sort by part type or colour, or both? Today I’ll be discussing my way of organising parts and it would be great to hear from all of you on what you do.

Let's start with the popular colours I use a lot for MOCs; colour such as dark bluish grey I always separate from other colours. I then sort these into both part type such as plates (of any size not the individual sizes) as these pieces will be used on the outside of a MOC so it matters what colour I use.

However, parts where there function matters more than their colour such as brackets I will just sort into those specific part types. Therefore, the inside of a build that isn't seen by anyone can be a jumble of colours while the outside will always only be the colours I've selected for the exterior.

So now I've shared my style of sorting, how do you organise your bricks? Let's discuss!


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