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#98 Favourite Brick Friday: 61485 4X4 TURNTABLE

The piece we will look at this Friday is a modified plate, that allows you to angle bricks easily. It has a base of 4x4 studs and although it is bulky, it is serves a different function to a 2x2 turntable as it provides a rigid connection while the 2x2 is free to swivel. This is because the joint is racketed, but means it can only connect to certain pieces as shown in the picture.

When turned, bricks can be built up onto the turntable and angled any way you want. It will stay in place because of the racketed joint which makes it very useful for MOCs; you may have seen it used in the 75108 Millennium Falcon and recognize it from that build.

When combined with SNOT bricks as seen in the picture, it can be used to make rounded corners that would be hard to do without it. Otherwise, you might have to use hinges or some other SNOT technique, but the turntable is superior in this aspect because of the secure connection and ease of use.


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