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June is LGBTQIA+ Pride Month and what is now a celebration of life and love started as a riot and a protest against unfair and habitual targeting of the important places of gathering for the LGBTQIA+ community. This relates to LEGO because everyone should feel welcome and safe in this fan community to be exactly who they are and historically this has not always been the case. The LEGO Group has even produced a new set saying people should be proud to be themselves exactly as they are. ‘Everyone Is Awesome’ was designed by VP of Design Matthew Ashton (@matthew__ashton) and is now available worldwide. Additionally, LEGO Masters (US) Season 1 contestant’s Flynn and Richard (@trickybricks) offered their thoughts on the set to us as well.

We want to thank Matthew, Flynn, and Richard for their continued visibility in this community and beyond, and for their involvement with TLG to further encourage all manners of representation to other underrepresented groups as well. It is so meaningful and inspiring to a large number of people.

In the spirit of Pride, Trickybricks launched a month-long #RainbowBuildChallenge where builders are invited to incorporate a rainbow into a build! Tips&Bricks will actually be choosing our winners for the #RainbowBuildChallenge and #MyLegoRainbow challenge at the end of the month so stay tuned! Thank you to those who participated so far and for those on the fence, there is still time to participate!

Builders featured: (all on Instagram) @davechef6 @trickybricks @hokaybricks @gracefulbricks @bregobuilder @brickinnick @victoriabuilds @femmefromtheblock @loegactivism @crankybricks @1saacbricks @settobuild @lego.bora88


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