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#1303 TECHNIQUE ANALYSIS: La escritura del Dios by Mathias (gonkbmbrixs)

This week’s technique analysis looks at an intriguing and incredibly unique build by @gonkbmbrixs. This build uses a variety of textures: creating a rough, detailed stone floor, a concave and curved wall with stone slabs, a polished black base and a relief-style depiction of jaguar skin and the god Qaholom.

We’re a big fan of builds that use diverse and creative techniques to tell compelling stories! Besides some innovative piece use, such as the rubber tyres as jaguar spots, there’s a variety of building styles on display. For instance, the dream cloud uses SNOT (Studs Not On Top) and some creative connections (including a plate attached to the underside of an arch). Not to mention the elaborate headdress of the god Qaholom!

Which is your favourite technique? Have you created builds depicting your favourite stories? Let us know! And make sure you're following Mathias on Instagram here:


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