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#2384 TECHNIQUE ANALYSIS: Mediterranean Way by Koala Yummies

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A new spin on modulars, this Mediterranean villa squeezes a ton of detail into a tiny space. As always, we’ll be here to break down all the techniques!

Tips & Bricks #2384 Technique Analysis: Mediterranean Way by Koala Yummies. Today, we'll be breaking down all the techniques found in this city street! The image shows a detailed LEGO model of a Mediterranean-style building adorned with flowers and vines. Various LEGO pieces, including cow horns, plumes, and boomerangs, are highlighted and pointed out for their unique uses in the build.

To start off, this balcony is packed with tons of lovely techniques and details that fill the build with life. For example, an Italian flag is built using three of the 13564 cattle horn pieces. This build for a light sconce is simple but sturdy and also takes advantage of some nice part usage. The image shows a close-up of a LEGO balcony with a LEGO figure, detailed elements such as a flag made from cattle horn pieces and a light sconce.

A 1x6 arch and a hood piece fit together perfectly to create a canopy above the windows. If you want to use this technique yourself, be sure to use the newer 92950 element and not 3455. The image highlights a window design on a LEGO building, showcasing the arch and hood piece used to create an architectural detail.

The main building uses a simple but effective technique for its worn terracotta roof. Scaling it down for awnings is also a great touch! The image shows a roof made with different shades of bricks to give it a worn look, with additional details on creating smaller structures like awnings and a chimney.

The second building goes for a completely different design for its roof. It's a bit more complex, but has an excellent level of detail! The main roof assembly is laid loosely on top of some slopes, with only some plates to hold it in place. The image shows a more detailed and textured LEGO roof design with a few assemblies highlighted.

This MOC is just packed with all sorts of clever details that you might not notice at first, like these 25892 boomerang pieces used for window trim or this nice little build for a drainpipe. All sorts of tiles are mixed into the sidewalk to add some subtle variation and cracks. The image displays several clever uses of LEGO pieces for decorative and functional elements like window trims and a drainpipe."

There's a great build for a tree and the planter box is a really great build too! These vines also add a lot of much-needed color to the MOC.

That's all for today's post! We hope you learned a few new techniques from this awesome MOC! As always, be sure to check out Koala Yummies on Flickr for more great builds, including the rest of these buildings in their custom modular town! The image provides a broader view of the entire LEGO scene, showcasing multiple buildings and street details.

Be sure to check out more builds from Koala Yummies’, whose account can be found on Flickr.

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