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#450 Monday's MOC of the week: Han's Speeder by Inthert

This week's MOC is a stunningly detailed and sleek build by Inthert on Flickr; the Mobquet M-68 Landspeeder, also just known as Han's speeder. Check out his post here:

Although LEGO has released an official version of this landspeeder, its clear Inthert was dissatisfied with it. He has included more details and greebling as well as integrating it better into the main structure of the speeder.

Compared to the LEGO model, Inthert's is much sleeker and smoother in profile. The interior is also much more detailed and accurate, with far more controls that actually look like they do something. I love the model's rear too; the 2x2 printed round tiles from the official set work very well here instead of on the bonnet.

If for some reason you've never seen any of Inthert's MOCs, then where have you been! Make sure to follow him using the Flickr link above for more awesome models such as his N1 Starfighter and X-Wings.


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