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#464 MOC of the Week: Highlights from Shiptember

With September over, you may have noticed a lot of builders from the community who have created huge spaceship MOCs. This is all part of Shiptember, where participating builders design and build a ship that's at least 100 studs long. The S.H.I.P. acronym first stood for “Seriously Huge Interstellar Plastic" but it's also been called "Seriously Huge Investment in Parts”, for understandable and expensive reasons, as these builds are usually made of 30,000+ parts.

So this Monday I wanted to feature my favourite 3 ships from this year's fleet:

Pleurotus Flight by Inthert:

Space fish by Sheo.:

FCS Jolly Reaper by Sunder_59:

And finally two honourable mentions made by two builders in the space of just 4 days!:

Kel Corona by Sean Mayo:

The Bishop by Tyler Clities:

Here is a time-lapse of their building process:

There were many other amazing builds and it was tough to pick a top 3. Which one is your favourite? Inthert's takes the top spot for me!


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