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#478 MOC of the Week: The Dolmen from Elder Scrolls Online by Thorsten Bonsch

Now, I don't play or know much about Elder Scrolls, but I do know a good MOC when I see one. This week's feature is The Dolmen from Elder Scrolls Online by Flickr user Thorsten Bonsch, who creates a fantastically detailed model using some great techniques.

The most notable being the runes he's managed to create on the floor by using various pieces in aqua and dark bluish grey. These contrasting colours and shapes make the design very attractive, and probably very accurate (not that I would know!)

The colour scheme of the whole MOC is very appealing, with the natural tan and olive green surrounding contrasting the colours of grey and black. The highlights of transparent orange draws your eye too, just as much as the vibrant aqua runes.

Check out Thorsten's MOC here, and follow him if you haven't already for more inspiring builds:


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