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#492 MOC of the Week: 'Iridescent Flight’ by Sean and Steph Mayo

This week's MOC feature took me by complete surprise when I it on Flickr, as it really is made from LEGO pieces. Looking from afar you probably wouldn't be able to tell. This MOC has been 'painted' by Sean and Steph Mayo on Flickr, and you can follow them here:

The MOC is called Iridescent Flight, iridescent meaning displaying a play of lustrous colours like those of the rainbow, and that's certain what this is. The builders use a multitude of colours and pieces to achieve the shaping of the parrot, but it's not just the 'painting' that makes this MOC stand out. The accompanying paint brushes and pots are all made from official LEGO pieces; even the water pot is a Pick-a-Brick cup, so technically it is official LEGO.


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