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NEW IDEAS SET REVEALED: LEGO® Ideas Medieval Blacksmith 21325

The latest Ideas set has been revealed! The Medieval Blacksmith is a 2,164 pieces set depicting a highly detailed medieval blacksmith’s building. The set includes 4 minifigs and 2 animals and the building itself has 3 floors where you can find a workshop, kitchen and bedroom.

For us here at Tips&Bricks, we think it looks like a beatifically detailed set but seems a bit pricey. Not for the piece count, but it looks a little small, at least from the images alone. It does put the parts to good use though with very intricate walls, the roof and even a bear skin rug in the bedroom! We're excited to see more theme revivals like this and Pirates of Barracuda Bay from last year, for fans old and new. We're also not a huge fan of the 18+ black box for this - imagine how gorgeous a medieval countryside scene would have been instead!

Will you be picking up this set and does it satisfy your nostalgia for the Classic Castle sets? Let us know in the comments!


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