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#108 Monday's MOC of the Week: Player Unknown's Battle Ground MOC

This week's from a user on Flickr by the name of Christophe, who has created an awesome MOC based on the popular computer game Player Unknown's Battle Ground. Here is a link to his account and a YouTube video that I highly recommend, and worth a watch due to the limited photos:

The hit game the MOC is based on features a huge map that players can wander around in, finding essential equipment and weapons that they use to try and survive. The environment has been perfectly created by Christophe, with minifigures adding the feel of players hurrying around the buildings, trying to find what they need to be the last person standing.

Although this MOC is not impressive in terms of size, it blows many others out of the park with the level of detail incorporated into it. I love the use of colours and cylindrical pieces for the main roof that is gently angled with hinges, which makes it a stand out feature in the MOC. Another realistic touch are the walls of the buildings, where SNOT techniques and interesting parts such as studs and headlight bricks have been used to create textures of damaged walls.

The landscape around the buildings, although simple, shows great attention to detail. The land around uses greens and browns that blend well to show the grassy and muddy terrain of the battleground. The tree in the corner uses many plant leaf pieces to make it bushy and natural looking, with the pieces cleverly stacking up to at irregular intervals to create a conical fir tree.

Make sure you check out the video above for a review of the MOC by Christophe, which shows much more of the MOC such as the interiors, which are also highly detailed, making this a 10 out of 10 creation!


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