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#2361 MOC OF THE WEEK: Nike Protro Reverse Sneaker

You’ll hear no whistles from us - this sneaker is a slam dunk MOC! Builder @legomachiiiiii perfectly recreates this red Nike Proto with precision, that you have to see to believe! Takamachi splashes a 3-pointer as he has great NPU to build a stunning display-worthy MOC! Let’s check it out!

#2361 MOC OF THE WEEK: Nike Protro Reverse Sneaker by @legomichiiiiii  Calling all sneakerheads! Come check out this awesome Nike basketball sneaker MOC by Japanese AFOL Takamichi Irie!  SWIPE FOR A SLAM DUNK MOC!  IMAGE of red Nike basketball sneaker with black Nike logo, bright lime green laces - all made of LEGO bricks

Reverse of What?:  First appearing during a 2010 Christmas Day NBA basketball game, a pair of lime green sneakers launched the Grinch color scheme. The sneaker seen here in candy apple red is a “Reverse” color swap of those original sneakers.  Image of the red Nike basketball sneaker made out of LEGO bricks, inside a white shoe box.  There is an additional image of a real Nike basketball shoe in lime green.

Texture:  The real-life shoes are covered in snake scales, the LEGO version uses 1x1 rounded tiles!  Image of the red Nike basketball shoe made of LEGO bricks, with a closeup of the texture present on the real sneaker.  Two parts are highlighted for their use in making the texture: 1 by 1 round tile 24246 in red, and 1 by 1 round tile 98138 in red.

Laces:  No strings here! These “laces” are a great mix of tails and teeth!  Image is a closeup of the lime green laces to show how they are achieved.  Several parts are in focus, all of them are in lime green. Part 40379, a dino tail, is used to make the lace loops. Part 37762, a candle, is used for the lace ends. Part 53451, a small tooth, is used to make the laces themselves. In the logo above the laces two parts are mentioned: 1 by 1 inverted bracket 36840 and 1 by 2 wedge slope 61409.

The Iconic Swoosh:  Nothing but net! The builder perfectly recreates the Nike Swoosh by building in different directions and using curved bricks!   Image is a closeup of the side of the red sneaker featuring the black Nike swoosh logo.   Several parts are in focus, all black in color: 1 by 2 wedge 61409, 1 by 2 curved brick with recessed stud 6091, and 1 by 3 curved slope with recessed stud 6005.

Techniques:  Takamachi is able to build in every direction through his skilled use of mixel joints, brackets, and clips!  There are three images: the first is the back of the tongue that shows how the logo and different build directions are achieved. Four parts are mentioned: 1 by 1 inverted bracket part 36840 in lime green, 1 by 1 clip part 15712 in black, 1 by 1 modified round tile in black part 20482 attached to 1 by 1 plate with clip part 4085d in red.  The second image is a top down view of the inside of the sneaker with ball socket joint part 14704 in light bluish gray pointed out. The aim of the photo is to show how the black logo is attached.  The last picture is the back of the black logo itself. Tow ball part 22484 in light bluish gray is highlighted to explain how the logo attaches to the socket joint shown in the image above.

Accuracy:  While the shaping near the heel is not perfect, Takamichi definitely hit the mark on small details and surface texture!  Image is the red sneaker recreated in LEGO bricks, sitting opposite the real sneaker. There are several circles highlighting the similarities between the real and recreation. They callout the logos, the laces, and texture between the two are very similar and well-done.  There is a single part highlighted: 43711, a wedge in red that is used to achieve the curve of the sneaker.

If you enjoyed this MOC, try running it back with these awesome models by the same builder! And be sure to follow Takamichi on Instagram: @legomichiiiiii and Flickr: takamichi irie. Michi has six total of the letter i at the end of the Instagram handle.  Five images are present, all of additional MOCs by the same builder: small versions of Grogu and Groot; a black scorpion; a white praying mantis; a brown tyrannosaurus rex; and a droideka from Star Wars.


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