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#115 Monday's MOC of the Week: Naboo N1 Starfighter

This week's is another from the great user Inthert on Flickr, who has created a stunning Naboo Starfighter using some very interesting pieces and techniques. You can view the album on Flickr here:…/inthert/albums/72157687446062844

This classic starfighter was featured in Star Wars Episode 1 as well as the upcoming Battlefront 2 game. Its distinctive design and colours have been expertly recreated in such as way that is hard to tell its made from LEGO bricks.

Inthert has built the MOC with illegal techniques, which means connections between pieces that the LEGO Group would never use in one of their official sets. But this allows him to capture the angles of the ship incredibly well. Just 1 picture shows how much thought has gone into the build, with connections from 1x1 hinge pieces and other tiles that I never knew were possible.

I love the cockpit of this ship, which is simple but effective with some basic controls and a leather seat, and crammed into a small space. Another highlight is the seamless transition from tail to body, which can only be created with his attention to detail and the seemingly loose connections of the MOC.


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