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#143 Monday's MOC of the Week: Harrower Class Star Destroyer

This week's is from a member of the Facebook group LEGO STAR WARS COLLECTIONS for Diehard Fans , Anthony Lee. He has created a massive Harrower Class Star Destroyer which is an alternative build of 3 boxes of the set 75190 First Order Star Destroyer.

The Harrower Class Star Destroyer was used in the Old Republic era as a capital ship of the Sith Empire, that struck fear into the hearts of those facing it with its menacing design.

It's not often such great MOCs are in fact alternative builds; they can be limiting when you are restricted to only parts that came in sets but Anthony pulls it out of the bag. I love the textured exterior of the Star Destroyer, which uses a mix of plates and tiles to break up the studs while all the parts are light bluish grey. There is also some great greebling in the cut-out of the dagger shape and a nicely built up command bridge protected by 14 turrets.

Just like the set of 75190, Anthony has used hinges to angle the plates and create the classic shape with its unique twist. He also has chosen wedge plates wisely to achieve the designs shape and show minimum gaps between the parts. This technique allows the panels to open to reveal an impressive interior. There is further detailing for the ships system, a spacious control room, command centre and even two mini TIE Fighters on a rack and ready for battle.

Another great build and relevant seeing as I covered alternative builds last week!


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