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#1579 MOC of the Week: A Tale of Two Cottages by @nortonsevenfour

This week's MOC of the Week is both Santa’s Cottage and its predecessor The Blue Cottage by Andrea Lattanzio (Norton74).

The Blue Cottage is a warm, cozy cabin with an innovative design. It has an asymmetrical black roof, and its walls are a vibrant blue. While the combination of colours and shapes in The Blue Cottage are rather unconventional, it is not unlike Andrea to venture outside of the box with his gorgeous builds. The cottage is surrounded by flora and fauna of all sorts and makes use of a variety of minifigure accessories.

Santa’s Cottage is a nuanced reinterpretation of The Blue Cottage. It maintains the outstanding level of detail that the Blue Cottage has, but this cottage is painted a bright red, and is surrounded by fallen snow. Andrea makes fantastic use of natural light to display this fresh snow and the cottage itself.

If you like this ho-ho-homely build, please go and support it on LEGO Ideas!

Andrea Lattanzio: @nortonsevenfour /


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