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#2058 MOC OF THE WEEK: The Mandalorian Season 3 MOCs

The highly anticipated Season 3 of The Mandalorian finished streaming earlier this year. Whilst it may not have hit the mark for all fans, it certainly featured it's fair share of awesome scenes, amazing character moments and fun surprises. Join us as we showcase all

of these things in LEGO form, and let us know your thoughts on the season in the comments!

Featured builders: By @tim_goddard928 @dsodb_lego @glenn_tanner55 @truebricksempire @thebrickway @dads_bricks Wesley on Flickr @dan.ko56 @making.custom.minifigures @bricksofmaze @michael_brickson @natebrickstudioz @codyaner.bricks @benbrix66

@luckwolf_207_legocustoms @kevfett2011 @bibfortuna83 @dopey1479 @itavix Yvan Brickbandit on Flickr, Brandon and Taylor on Flickr @themiddlebrick @kosbrick


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