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#638 MOC of the Week: The Aces of Star Wars Resistance by Mansur Soeleman

We're usually impressed by one recreation of a Star Wars starfighter, but Mansur Soeleman has gone the extra mile and created all 6 aces from the latest Star Wars animation; Star Wars Resistance.

It truly is stunning how well he's built each ship, perfectly recreating the colour schemes as well as some very complex shapes that must have taken a lot of development. My favourite has to be the Blue Ace; not just for it's pleasing colour scheme but because of the unique pieces used to create it's intricate shaping. Having said that, each one definitely stands out for it's own reasons. Mansur also went the extra mile in creating stickers for every single ace and this really pays off, raising the models to an extreme quality level rivalling LEGO themselves!

You can check out a lot more pictures of all 6 aces individually on Mansur's profile here:


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